Laying oil, gas and water pipelines

Laying oil, gas and water lines is a core activity and primary expertise of Kobi Zion Ltd. The extensive expertise

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Renovation, restoration and maintenance of operating oil and fuel Lines

Our company’s staff has acquired special expertise in nationwide projects of renovation, restoration and maintenance of live operating fuel lines.

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Earthworks site development and civil engineering

We provide a comprehensive solution for all development and civil engineering services including: General excavation and quarrying, pilings works, screening,

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Horizontal Drilling Auger Boring and Integral Drilling (HDD)

By means of the vast experience we have acquired and the varied dedicated equipment in our possession we implement complex

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Kobi Zion Ltd., expert Oil, Gas and Water Pipeline contractors providing a wide range of professional services in the field of infrastructures including: welding and bending pipes, repair and maintenance of live oil, gas and fuel pipelines, laying oil and gas pipelines, executing horizontal and integral drilling (Auger Boring and HDD), earthworks and area development, shoring systems and dewatering of underground water and landscape restoration.

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